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The Greek real estate market is one of the few in Europe where there is still a high-profit margin. Of course, finding the right property – even in a market with high growth potential, such as the Greek one – is a demanding process, which requires knowledge, experience, know-how and a network of experienced professionals.

KV Constructions features a series of carefully selected properties for interested buyers/investors, built or renovated-remodeled by our company, with luxurious materials and modern architectural design.

Each property is thoroughly inspected by our engineers before becoming a part of our portfolio. The audit covers the title deeds and other legal documents, the static adequacy and durability of the construction, the quality of the materials, and the environmental footprint of the building.

Then, our company’s engineers and our experienced building workshops work together to remodel each property to make it look like a newly built.

We make sure to create comfortable spaces, with a layout that creatively utilizes every inch of the house surface. We use durable and safe materials, combining modern with traditional elements. Architectural plan and decoration follow the latest trends in architecture, combining modern innovations with simple forms, high-quality materials, and advanced energy solutions.

Our properties stand out for their modern architectural design, aesthetic perfection, ergonomics, functional spaces, high-quality construction, and its resale value. We incorporate innovative techniques and innovations for the optimal use of light and the best energy efficiency of each building. Our intention is always to add value to the building by fulfilling economic and ecological goals.

Whether you are looking for a property that will house your family for the rest of your life, or you want to invest your money in the Greek real estate market, our company’s experts are here to offer you the best possible solutions.

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  • At IKV Constructions we make sure every property we add to our carefully designed portfolio has a definite resale value.

  • For many years, IKV Constructions has been the strategic partner of numerous investors from Greece and abroad, who are looking for a sure way to invest their money.

  • Investors from around the world choose IKV Construction to trust their property investment plans.

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